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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 15, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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good enough to be around and that is rejection and rejection is a form of bullying. tom says as parents of kids in high school and middle school i saw nothing wrong with this ad but was not inspired to shop at j.c. penney. >> thanks to everybody who responded. have a great day. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: top of the morning. it is thursday, august 15, 2013. more chaos in cairo, egypt. crashes between police and morsi supporters leaving more than 400 people dead. this morning the muslim brotherhood calling it a glorious revolution. what does this mean for the united states? >>peter: she was the beauty that fought for jake on the bachelor. this morning gia allemand is dead. details on her apparent suicide. >>brian: from long island
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a little road rage coming on may be because of the car you drive and the age you are. "fox & friends" starts now. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. hope you're going to have a great thursday. we're going to get through a lot of news today. there's a lot of breaking news happening over in egypt because at least 400 people dead. the death toll continues to rise. deadliest day since the uprising started in 2011. take a look at the still photos of what you saw in that video. supporters of ousted president morsi pushing a police van off a bridge. the interim vice president suddenly resigning.
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mohammed elbaradei said he could not go along with the crackdown on protesters. model gia allemand who was on the reality show the bachelor died in an apparent suicide. tmz reporting she and her boyfriend hit a rocky patch. he is the one who found her hanging in her new orleans home. she had been in critical condition in the hospital for two days before doctors took her off life support. she was 29 years old. >> tom brady goes down clutching his knee. take a close look. it was all caught on camera. >> oh no. >>gretchen: it happened during a joint practice with the tampa bay buccaneers. he was able to walk off the field. doctors say it was a sprain. he's listed as day to day but expected to practice. the injury could mean more preseason playing time for tim tebow who celebrated his 26th birthday
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yesterday. new details about the fast and furious scandal. three more guns were discovered at crime scenes in mexico. the rifles were train to a gun shop -- were traced to a gun shop in arizona. the government encouraged that shop to sell weapons as part of the botched gun running operation. >>brian: here we are with tebow. it is just a sprain and should be back shortly. day two gets underway and molly has more on how it is unfolding. >> good morning. we're here, day two in boston, the next day of the r.n.c. summer meeting. they have been here since yesterday afternoon when it kicked off. today we have new jersey governor chris christie who will be speaking at a luncheon and r.n.c. members
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planning to cover a lot of ground including rising stars. the new initiative aiming to inspire expansion within the party including women and minorities and including marilyn garcia. later this afternoon the focus will be on women. r.n.c. members taking time to talk about the tough issues that have caused strife within the party. a spokesperson says the party is laying the groundwork to have a stronger presence in minority communities across the country. >> we know we have neglected some of these communities in the past and we need to start talking to them and explaining that we're with you on a lot of principles. if there is this perception problem that the republican party has with a lot of communities, we need to fix that. >> the r.n.c. is planning to highlight some of their technology initiatives. >>gretchen: thanks very much for that update.
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while the republicans are getting together and meeting, the president is on vacation now. he's in phargt that is vineyard -- in martha's vineyard and playing golf. he has been playing with a group of gentleman, one the comcast c.e.o. after that the obamas went over for dinner. >>brian: he played with the president of the world bank. brian roberts is the c.e.o. of comcast which owns nbc universal. evidently he had to wait, the president, for brian roberts to show up. many people said wouldn't this be an opportunity to spend the day with a donor of a broadcast corporation which is very supportive of him. >>peter: i think the president is hanging with some of his solid political buddies. yes, mr. roberts is a contributor. other folks at comcast are
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bundlers putting together millions of dollars for the president. the president also spent time with an npr host. he's seeing a lot of folks that stand up for him on a daily basis in the martha's vineyard area. >>brian: let's talk about obamacare because that is what is still on everybody's mind. everybody is talking about obamacare and a lot of people bringing up a-rod as an analogy. they say are republicans criticizing obamacare is really not news. it is like a-rod criticizing baseball after he's been caught juicing. then it gets worse from there in terms of credibility. >>gretchen: now there's a democratic congressman caring obamacare implementation to the way in which the constitution was implemented way back when. >>brian: likely didn't understand the constitution. >>gretchen: he's trying to say we didn't like the
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constitution, didn't understand it at the time. the same could be said, he said, for social security and medicaid. here's congressman gregory meeks. >> when social security came out people didn't understand that completely. when medicare came out, people didn't understand that completely. but over time we developed and we got it right. the fact of the matter is when the constitution came out, people didn't understand that. and there were problems in the constitution. we didn't say get rid of the constitution. we fixed it. >>gretchen: the problem is with some of those particular programs like social security and medicaid, it's almost worse when people did understand it because we understood there is not enough money to pay for social security and understood there is a tremendous amount of fraud in medicaid. >>peter: when the constitution was passed people fought for it. >>brian: they cheered. they melted down the statue of the king in new york city. no one really had to understand it. do we continue to fine-tune it? absolutely. >>peter: it is kind of a
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hidden message. it is a democratic message. the message is medicaid, social security, universal health care. they are de facto constitutional rights. when he compares those policies to the constitution and he makes them equivalent, he's saying this is a constitutional right. that's part of the democratic philosophy. >>brian: he's saying people don't understand it. other people look at it and say it doesn't work. it's impossible to understand. for example, what we talked about yesterday with the individual mandate capping individual contributions now because insurance companies say we can't handle that capping where you want us to cap. it's too low. can't make ends meet. so he decides to raise that cap increasing the burden on the u.s. taxpayer. that was on the website, the labor department website in february. this is so unwieldy. there's so many moving parts. >>peter: you're right and people haven't looked at that that the out-of-pocket costs are going to increase. >>gretchen: i think this goes to show that when this
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initially passed as the law of the land, many people were concerned it was going to be too complimented to ever implement. and you heard from different groups whether it was governors, insurance companies, whether it was private citizens, whether it was physicians. they all had their own concerns about implementation. now you're seeing that come to rest. here we are three years later and a lot of it is not going to be implemented or delayed. some of it is political and some of it is just a lot of red tape almost impossible to do. >>brian: if you were trying to get ahold of me last night i didn't pick up the phone because i was on the website vouchercode pro. >>gretchen: be careful. when you're using vouchers, some people might -- >>brian: good point. i wanted to know if i fit in the category, if my car fit in the column of the biggest jerk on the road. am i the person to have outrage? is my car quick to be
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targeted? is my car making my crazy? voucher pro has the answer. the good news is the tahoe is not on it. >>gretchen: my chevy s.u.v. is not either and neither is the color. who is the most aggressive driver out there? what color car do they have? and what kind of car do they have? i was stunned by this, if we want to be stunned by a silly car study. >>brian: how dare you? >>gretchen: i hope we didn't pay for this. it's a bmw, stunned by that. but i was more stunned by blue. blue are aggressive drivers? >>peter: this bizarre study said drivers in those blue bmw's are most likely to get angry at 5:45 on friday afternoon. >>gretchen: well, duh! >>brian: he's got a beautiful car. nobody is on the road. >>peter: that is not an angry ride.
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that is an elegant one. >>brian: they say people with a blue bmw are the quickest ones to be angry on the road. >>peter: i think they're kind, those people. >>brian: the reason they're angry is because if you have a blue bmw, you can buy another. it is most likely insured. >>peter: they say land rovers, audis and subarus. >>gretchen: what does the study accomplish? people get most mad at 5:45 on friday. i think we all knew that. monday morning commute rates second. really? any way, men lose their temper seven times a month. women get angry three times a month. is that only on the road. >>brian: if you want to know how we're expressing our rage -- get a pen ready -- road rage, you do it by cursing, using obscene gestures and erratic driving. i did not know that was the
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formula for road rage. from 8 to 8:45 yesterday i was not picking up the phone. >>peter: when you get to be 35, you'll have a problem. >>gretchen: chris chulo is no longer speaking to you as of yesterday because during the suitcase segment, you remember you asked somebody to sit on the suitcase. >>brian: because he's stocky. >>peter: he's a great packer. >>gretchen: excuse me? and that just earned you zero, negative points with chris. >>brian: here's chris chulo. next a child falls from the roller coaster, a third accident at an amusement park in a few weeks. is anybody safe? we'll find out. >>gretchen: your phone bill is about to get higher. charles payne says you can thank the president for that. what does he have to do with that? he's on deck. >> the very worst drivers,
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>>brian: think your cell phone bill is high now? it's about to get a little bit higher. president obama pushing for a new tax on monthly cell phone bills to pay for his plan to put wi-fi in every single classroom. >>gretchen: this is why you don't get your itemized bill anymore. the president said earlier he didn't need congress's help to get the plan off the ground. listen to this. >> i'm determined to see it through on behalf of our kids. and for those of you who follow politics in washington, here's the best
3:17 am
news. none of this requires an act of congress. >>gretchen: if it doesn't require that, how will the president move this plan forward? here to explain from fox business network, charles payne. >> good morning. he doesn't need our help, our vote, our support? >> no. he does not. there are three narratives. the first one is i am king. i can go it alone. the president threatened more and more he's going to do everything he wants without congressional approval. the bottom line is checks and balances, whether it's the supreme court, whether it's congress, the president is going to change parts of the health care law. in this particular instance he's going to use the f.c.c. to implement this new rule. that's one of the big things here, one of the overarching things. then there's redistribution of wealth and the idea that all the wealth in this country belongs to the country, not the
3:18 am
individuals who have earned it, not the companies who have earned it, but to everyone. sort of like the public domain. hence, how can we let some kids not have high speed internet when others have it? i'm going to make this fair. i'm going to snatch this money. >>gretchen: he wants to put wi-fi in more classrooms. how much is that going to cost? >> there's some estimates it costs $6 billion but you know how these investments are when the government gets involved. it's going to be multibillions and billions of dollars. this brings us to the third point. middle-class taxes, there won't be middle-class tax hikes but we know there have been. this would be a tax on every single person watching the show who didn't get a free phone from the government, they are going to have to chip in. >>gretchen: i've heard there are some taxes you can call your phone companies and say it's an optional tax like i don't want to pay this tax. do you think that would be -- >> i don't think this one will be optional.
3:19 am
i think this is an f. kr-fpl c. mandate. -- this is an f. kr-fpl c. mandate. congress is going to put up some form of a fight. >>brian: through executive order he can put a tax on your phone bill and say it's for the kids and schools. you're saying there is enough money in that pot any way. another thing to bring up when it comes to taxes is steve martin in 1978, when the tax man comes to ask you for your taxes, remember these two words: i forgot. >> remember these two words: go to jail. >>gretchen: don't pull a biden on us. that was three words. charles payne, that's two words, and he's hosting varney and company, a three word show. 9:20 on the fox business network. >>brian: straight ahead, the plane crash that killed kids in their home never should have happened. why some knew this was a safety person. >>gretchen: parents outraged over this
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>>gretchen: if you're just joining us, quick headlines. a five-year-old boy jumps off a roller coaster while still moving. it happened at coney island in brooklyn new york. the boy's leg got caught between the car and track. he is in the hospital but is expected to be okay. >> residents say they were afraid a plane crash like this would happen in connecticut, so much so officials bought and tore down half a dozen homes near the airport. the homes hit last week were about a half mile from
3:24 am
the runway. this is in east haven, connecticut. >>peter: we've been following the controversy surrounding a high school textbook that has a 36-page chapter on islam but no specific chapters on christianity or judaism. the history book is part of the curriculum for some florida high schoolers. however there is a new development that could make the course work less one-sided. a brevard county school counselor joins us along with a parent who has a son in the school district. good morning. let's look at bias in these textbooks. number one, christian battles are called massacres while muslim battles are called takeovers. and then in reference to muhammad and his army taking over medina, the
3:25 am
book states people happily accepted islam as their way of life. what are you going to do about this down in your county to stem the tide of this kind of book? >> i'm really excited about the direction this has taken in brevard county. we've been under the national spotlight about this book. about 50% of the ninth grade students in florida are also using this book. a lot of people have said just throw out the book. the backside of that is not only would it cost a half million dollars but there isn't a better book out there we're aware of. we're going to pull together a group of experts locally, state and national and come up with a supplement our world history teachers are going to use to supplement what we believe is missing in the textbook and to give students a better perspective, other perspectives of various world events. what i've been telling people is we're going to take the bowl of lemons the state of florida has given us and make lemonade out of
3:26 am
it. >>peter: it seems incredible there is no book out there that has a separate chapter on christianity and judaism along with a chapter on the islam faith? >> that intro you gave is a little misleading. the florida next generation sunshine standards covers videos on christianity in detail in theicsth grade. -- in the sixth grade. in ninth grade history, state standards have us spend more time on islam and muslim history. it is covered at different grade levels. >>peter: let me ask mr. boon your thoughts. are you satisfied with what the county is doing to ameliorate this problem? >> i think it is a good beginning. i think we need to look at the process of how these books are accepted, how they're vetted. the fact that we have a world history book that minds full of mush will be
3:27 am
introduced to, that lean to one side is not what we want. we want an unbiased across-the-board view of all areas of religion, not just one. >>peter: thank you both. it's a good start. thanks so much for your thoughtful approach on this. the publisher says this. peerson and its authors add hereby to -- adhere to the highest editorial standards. a review of the book shows there is balanced attention given to the beliefs of islam, judaism and christianity. when will this supplement be done so the students can have this balanced approach? >> we have our first in-service schedule with our teachers which will be september 9. our district staff has been in contact with our world history teachers. it is not a supplement that will be developed overnight. it will be an ongoing process. over the next few weeks our teachers will have in their
3:28 am
hands supplementary material that will very much make up for what we believe are holes in this textbook. >>peter: ms. macy, mr. boon, thanks for being here. it is a summer camp like you've never seen. >> one, two, three. i did it! >>peter: anna lays down the law at sherrifs camp next. >> plus a christian company in a major battle with obamacare. they want out of the contraceptive mandate. up next, a major update. ♪ ♪ ♪ show-stopping glamour. a little leopard, a lot of roar. our most fabulous jacket collection. only at chico's and
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and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>brian: your shot of the morning. a stunt driver loses control of his bike. the crowd watching in horror as it speeds towards a young girl behind a fence. she is knocked down but 100% okay this morning, thankfully. >>peter: that is tough. >>brian: those teenagers can no longer go to school and tie up their bike. >>gretchen: let's talk a
3:33 am
little bit about what's being revealed about the night of the osama bin laden raid. >>brian: there is something we don't know? >>gretchen: there's photos coming out of the situation room. hillary clinton had her hand over her mouth and everyone was at ten alternative and we're watching -- was attentive and we're watching leon panetta give them the breakdown of what happened in that raid. apparently osama bin laden was killed around 3 p.m. washington, d.c. time. remember the president came out late that night, somewhere around 10 or 11 to say to the american public osama bin laden had been killed. now his former personal assistant is saying in an interview that later on at night the president was doing something that some people might be surprised at. >> typically like the weekends he'll work like a half day. and this sunday, i mean we
3:34 am
worked -- i mean, we were there until almost, i think he went on tv at midnight, almost midnight, and sat around in the private dining room kind of like -- most people were in the situation room and he was like i'm not going to be down there. i can't watch this entire thing. he, myself, the white house photographer, we must have played 15 games of spades. >>brian: some people say -- he said during the entire thing. some said he was killed at 3 and then there was a long process, four hours until they identified the body. maybe that was the time. however, he said during the entire thing, makes you think he was playing cards. so his decision to get out of there because the pressure was too great or he thought he wanted to clear his head i thought it was interesting. if anybody knows what it is like to be president obama, it is reggie love. he has been close to him for four years. >>peter: it is one of the
3:35 am
strangest things. >>brian: to play cards. >>peter: i don't know what mr. love is talking about. it really makes no sense for him to go on tape and give an interview that the president is playing cards during a takedown, he can't watch it and can't be in the situation room and he played 15 games of spades, i don't think the president is happy with his friend, mr. love. >>gretchen: how could he be? >>brian: they took it down right away. >>gretchen: there's two issues here. the fact that a former personal assistant who probably knows a lot of stuff that went on actually said this publicly, if it's true. and number two, the second big issue is is it appropriate for the president of the united states to be playing 15 games of spades when osama bin laden is being killed? i mean i understand there's a lot of down time there but i think the first issue is the most important, whether or not it's even true and whether or not the white house now will respond to this. because i think it's a pretty big issue. do you think jay carney will be asked this today. >>brian: should the president be playing cards
3:36 am
while the seals are killing osama bin laden? >>gretchen: the imagery of it even if there is down time. >>peter: you can think about great leaders over time, winston churchill playing cards with franklin roosevelt. we're talking about a critical point in american policy, a critical point involving american troops on the ground getting one of the most infamous leaders of the 21st century, a person who took out thousands of americans and caused a couple of wars basically. and the thought of the president playing cards while other people, most of the people, mr. love has said, are in the situation room, it's con founding. i don't really understanding what to make of it. over time maybe we'll understanding it but this morning i think most americans are shaking their heads and saying what's that about? >>brian: 24 before the top of the hour. other news. >>gretchen: sequester cuts hitting our country's wounded warriors.
3:37 am
the cafeteria at walter reed have to eat at temporary trailers which they say are not handicapped accessible. >> christian gearhart strideer will be sentenced for murder but is not going quietly. he was convicted for killing someone in 1985. he plans to tell the judge today he has evidence to prove he didn't commit the crime. he faces life in prison. >> being called a victory for religious freedom. a christian owned family gun company winning a waiver from the contraception mandate. the company makes optical devices for military weapons. a judge ruled the mandate would have forced it to violate its religious beliefs. a sculpture of the american flag causing controversy. many americans are outraged
3:38 am
after seeing americans walk on the ground. >> the flag touches the ground. you pretty much just dishonored that veteran right in front of him because that veteran takes that flag for granted. that's who we are. >>gretchen: the mayor of the township in new jersey says he's working with the artist to figure out what to do so no one actually walks on it again. those are your headlines. it's time to go over to brian, who is going to do some sports for us. >>brian: let's tell us what's going on in the world of sports. the stunt man who wowed the world in his parachute jump in the olympics died while diving. he crashed into a ridge in switzerland. we are told he just jumped from a helicopter taking part in a wind diving event. he was 41. nfl is reportedly planning to use former players as guinea pigs.
3:39 am
why? for hgh testing. the league and players union wants to inject dozens of retired players with the hormone before and after testing. the league is trying to determine the highest level of h.g.h. a player can have. they are also going to be giving some guys placebos to see if retired players get stronger. coming up on "kilmeade & friends" between 9 and noon, alan colmes and john roberts will be plague the role of chris wallace. he'll be filling in. >>gretchen: thanks very much. a rare sight in utah. these are pictures of what's called a fire nato? what are these and how do they form? good thing we have maria molina on tap to let us know. >> a firenado is when a fire forms a tornado vortex of flames.
3:40 am
that's what you're looking at. that happened across utah. we have a serious fire out there. there are two ways a firenado can form. one when a fire forms near a wildfire and picks up flames. the other way is when there is a heavy concentration of heat generated in a small area. when the air heats up it rises and you get images you see on your screen. very impressive and very dangerous. we're looking at wet weather across parts of the southeastern u.s. locally up to 8 inches out here and across the center of the country severe weather possible from south dakota all the way down to texas. of course we'll keep an eye on that. let's head back to the studio. >>peter: it's a summer camp like you've never seen, teaching kids about the role of law enforcement. anna is here with the story. >> i headed to upstate new
3:41 am
york where the sherrifs association has been holding a camp for kids for the past 25 years. the raising of the flag, a patriotic start for the day for the new york state sherrifs association summer camp. 140 kids between the ages of 8 and 12 visit camp i iriquois. >> a lot of these kids are from poorer neighborhoods. on saturdays they come and deputies pull -- put on their uniforms. they are a police officer and you are my friend. >> how important is it to form a good bond at this age? >> it is critical. when the kids can look at the police officer as their friend, they're not afraid to approach them if they know or hear something. >> law enforcement do demonstrations with police officers mounted on horses
3:42 am
and with drug and bomb sniffing dogs. campers participate in water and land activities. >> we have fishing, canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling and swimming. >> you're one of the best swimmers out here. tell me about winning your races. >> when we do the three mile hike i was one of the first girls back. >> what is your favorite part? >> sailing. what is this? how do you steer it? >> you use the hiking stick. >> reminds me of my days in camp. here we go. camp is also about character building. what do you do in the mess hall? >> say grace and be thankful to each other.
3:43 am
>> kind of a little devotion? >> yes. >> they do basketball, soccer, football, gymnastics, arts and crafts, photography, carpentry some weeks, dance class. >> one favorite is learning to flip. gymnastics. and they double dog dared me to try. >> are you ready? >> will you spot me? >> yeah. >> i'll do it. >> okay. 1, 2, 3. i did it! >> iroquis! >> lead us on? sure. we are camp iroquois. >> i had an amazing time. the cavern is run on donations -- the camp is run on donations, if you
3:44 am
would like to help out, please go to our website. coming up, most kids will get them in their lifetime. can they also get whooping cough too? dr. marc siegel separates fact from fiction coming up next. a a
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3:47 am
>>gretchen: just because you had a disease or illness as a kid doesn't always mean you have no chance of getting it as an adult. dr. marc siegel tells us what childhood diseases to look out for as you get older. good morning. we heard about whooping cough. can you get it or not? >> adults can get whooping cough. it's a very tiny bacteria. it has characteristic symptoms with kids. adults, if you have this cough that won't go away it can be whooping cough.
3:48 am
every ten years you should get a booster of tetanus vaccine, pertussis. you've got to be on the lookout for it. adults can gets it too and are getting it more and more. not only that we need adults to gets vaccinated to protect against kids. >>gretchen: chicken pox, it used to be a good thing if all the kids in the family got it because you would be over with it but you can get it as an adult? >> 95% of americans are protected against chicken pox from having had it ored vaccine. that is 5% that are not protected. you can get shingles as an adult or chicken pox as a kid but if you never had chicken pox as a kid, you can get it as an adult. it's got pimples. they get scales on them. there are different sizes around the body. you can get it as an adult.
3:49 am
>>gretchen: what about measles? >> measles is becoming a bigger problem thanks to dr. wakefield in great britain saying there was something to do with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism. completely disproven. a lot of people there are afraid to get the vaccine which means it comes over here in travelers. measles can be deadly. it can give you brain infection. it is something you want to be vaccinated against. the m.m.r. vaccine is almost 100%. >>gretchen: what about ring worm? can adults get it? >> it is a fungus. 6% of americans have ring worm at some point. it looks like a ring. adults definitely get it. for kids it is the number-one reason for hair loss for kids. i didn't have any. not my cause here. this is natural.
3:50 am
it's fairly difficult to treat but you can treat it with an ain't fungul pill. go to your dermatologist if you have a strange looking rash with a ring on it. it is very common in adults as well as kids. >>gretchen: dr. segal, thanks so much. she may be the deadliest serial killer no one heard of, about to walk free on a technicality. the judge who put her behind bars talks to us next. amazing dream world. i wonder if there are any blue bmw's out there. if you watched earlier, you know what i'm talking about [ female announcer ] when you asked us to remove high fructose corn syrup from yoplait original and light, we were like, "sure. no problem!"
3:51 am
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>> brian: we promise to keep it a secret. we have a special ticket for you. it's one of the most prestigious car shows in all the world where 200 prized car collectors are judged not by their speed, but by their excellence. joining us from pebble beach, the only guy we turn to for stuff like this, out in california, we're talking did doug, the car czar. what do you got? >> the fact that they let me near these cars is shocking. look at this simplex. over a billion dollars outside here. it's the concorde elegant in pebble beach. if you're a player in the automotive collector business, you're here. a company called haggerty is here and their job is evaluate all of these cars and tell you what they're worth. some of these cars are pretty good investments, brian.
3:55 am
a 1967 porsche i saw yesterday, in 06, could have bought it for 25 grand, it's worth 130. not so bad. the new corvette stingray is here. it will be in show rooms next month starting at 52 grand. a lot of people saying this is a serious car that will be possibly collectible down the road. 52 grand starting price point. from infinity, they want to play in the luxury game market with a q 50. this car so high-tech, the steering wheel has no mechanical connections to the wheels. it's all adaptive steering. world's first application of that. and hyundai is here showing off what their next flagship sedan could look like, hcd 14. there it is. yes, brian, that is a hyundai, just a prototype now, but use has lot of carbon fiber. check this acura out. i know you're going to love it. the nsx, a prototype, but it should be on sale by 2015.
3:56 am
mid engine, v 6, all wheel drive and a lot of pent up demand for that. tickets to this event, $250, even if you just want to walk around, which is why they've made me stay inside here 'cause i could not afford a ticket. >> brian: is it an introduction or do they really want people to sign up and buy this for delivery? >> no. well, they want to gauge that interest and make a relationship with you now on that acura so you're ready to buy in 2015 for sure. >> brian: wow. thanks for not buttoning your top button. good job. >> thank you. >> brian: please don't touch anything 'cause we're responsible. coming up, does this ad offend you? >> i've been told this stuff can make you regular your entire year. i'm not going to pretend to know. >> brian: parents enraged with j.c. penney saying this promotes bullying. are they right? we report. you decide. our government not getting a
3:57 am
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with verizon, i have that reliability. i'm completely happy with verizon. verizon's 4g lte is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4g network. period. that's powerful. verizon. get the nokia lumia 928 for free. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, august 15, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for spending part of your day with us. breaking news out of egypt. the death toll has jumped by another 100 people. the muslim brotherhood calling it a glorious revolution. what does it mean for the united states? >> brian: do you want to pay for this with another tax? you will. we report. you decide. >> peter: and looking the score raise at work? then don't say this to your boss >> i heard she makes five grand more than me. >> peter: the dos and don'ts of getting a raise.
4:01 am
"fox & friends" starts right now >> brian: so interesting because you make twice as much as me and it never bothered me, until casone comes out with that special, how to ask for a raise. >> peter: that's great it never bothered you. you're a good man. >> gretchen: you know, you come back from vacation and throw me under the bus, brian. by the way, i have no idea what you make, so i doubt that's true. >> brian: let's give tv news something to write. why not? >> gretchen: yesterday we gave them plenty to write about. >> brian: they had writer's cramp yesterday. >> gretchen: yes, they did. cheryl will tell you the way in which to ask for a raise and hopefully it will help brian. in the meantime, we begin with new developments out of egypt
4:02 am
where things are getting scary. the death toll went up to 525 people, the deadliest day since the surge in 2011. here is another perspective of what happened. supporters of ousted president morsi pushing a police van off a bridge, sending it crashing to the ground. also this morning, egypt's interim vice president suddenly resigning. he says he could not go along with the crackdown on protesters. this is a growing situation, very scary one. remember, there was support for that uprising to throw out muslim brotherhood, but now we have complete chaos there. and the president thus far has not really said much about it. >> brian: and he did get briefed briefly yesterday. >> gretchen: model gia allemond on "the bachelor," has died in an apparent suicide.
4:03 am
tmz reporting that she and her boyfriend, nba ryan anderson, had recently hit a rocky patch. he's the one who found her hanging in her new orleans home. he called 911. she was in critical condition at the hospital for two days before doctors took her off life support. she was only 29 years old. scary moments for tom brady. the star quarterback goes down clutching his knee. take a close look, all caught on camera. >> oh, no. >> gretchen: all happened during a joint practice with the tampa bay buccaneers. he walked off the field. doctors say it was a sprain. he's listed as day-to-day, but expected to practice today. the injury could mean more preseason playing time for tim tebow, who by the way, turned 26 yesterday. >> brian: you just know they're going to open up against the jets and he's going to play at some point. >> gretchen: the royal baby not getting a professional photo shoot? his very modern mom considering
4:04 am
using her own pictures of her son for the official royal portrait instead of a formal professional picture. the picture is expected to be revealed on the kensington palace twitter feed and official birth certificate. look, there is all these new things happening. twitter, who would have ever thought the royal family would be using social media? >> peter: they can go to j.c. penneys like everybody else and get their pictures. >> gretchen: we'll talk about that. >> brian: or photo mat, but the line is always so long. the little booth. you guys don't go to that? >> peter: yeah. >> brian: straight ahead, is president obama selling you out? his new plan that will have you paying more for your cell phone bill. peter doocy live in washington. how many times have you looked at your cell phone bill and thought this isn't high enough? >> it hasn't been since the last time i paid it, brian. about two weeks ago. >> brian: okay. it's going higher. >> there is a new plan called connect ed that the white house wants to use as a vehicle to
4:05 am
hook 99% of american schools up to next generation broad band in only five years the administration says the technology is there, so why not? but there is a catch. connect ed would be bank rolled by beefing up your cell phone bill. >> probably on the order of $5 or less a year on cell phone owners, on an individual cell phone owner. >> believe it or not, the white house does not need to ask congress for their approval to tack a surcharge onto a cell phone bill, which is part of the reason this idea is so attractive, according to the "washington post." by cutting out congress, the administration hopes to avoid dc gridlock, although the white house does need to get permission from the fcc, who can give this a thumbs up or a thumbs down. >> the president twice has said he's directed this independent regulatory agency to spend this money and raise these taxes and that's simply not within his power to do.
4:06 am
>> rural schools would be the big winners under this white house plan, which not only brings broadband to buildings, it puts high speed wi-fi in libraries and classrooms, shows teachers how to use it, and enhances new software and apps. there is at least one sec commissioner who is skeptical of the white house's requirements. >> if a school wants to spend its money connecting all classrooms to the internet, as opposed to connect ago particular classroom with one gigabit connection, they should be able to make that investment. >> even though lawmakers on the hill are basically cut out of this plan, we've already heard from some members like republican congressman fred upton who says if the white house moves any further along with this plan, there will be pushback. back to you in new york. >> brian: allallall right. 5 more dollars? >> peter: i think most americans pay $10 a month to have nsa not
4:07 am
listen to their phones. is that an option? >> brian: are we going to debate the nsa? we need another hour. >> peter: who is this connect ed? >> brian: we're not sure. we told you about the irs targeting conservatives and the ongoing investigation. but now we found out something else, i found out yesterday, small businesses are the new target. small businesses, 20,000 letters went out to small businesses, mom and pop organizations, saying we have a hunch that you're underreporting your profits. haven't small businesses in america been through enough without this type of shakedown? >> peter: read us the letter you got. >> brian: i don't think it's fair for me to talk anymore. i'm going to pass. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: wow. okay. fox news alert. notification of possible income underreporting. that is a tearout, part of a quote of one of these letters -- >> brian: think about that, you're trying to make ends meet and all of a sudden you get that. you know it could destroy your business. you got to get your accountant
4:08 am
involved and put everything down. you got to stop everything you're doing. >> gretchen: time is up. tom vees a small business owner who received one of those letters. he was on the greta program last night. here is tom. >> the letter was very threatening. it's making almost -- almost making an accusation and as you get into it, you don't really know what the accusation is about. it was a notice that i may have underreported income. called my tax accountant. we work real hard and so i called him to find out how to respond. i guess the first thought comes to mind after reading it is, it must be a way to try to either make sure that there is compliance in the laws, and/or get additional revenue from people like me. >> peter: that would be pretty ose
4:09 am
letters. but is it illegal? >> gretchen: you would know. you're a lawyer. >> peter: i could give an opinion. chairman darrell issa has another opinion. >> i believe that the trust of the american people was broken and it continues to be broken -- >> i didn't ask you that. >> i understand. >> if we see a law broken explicitly, we will go to a referral. right now what we see is something worse. we see the intent and the recognition of people that the irs should not be a political body and that if it is, it could be the end of our democracy. we see that being broken even while so far we haven't found criminal violations. >> gretchen: well, that's fascinating because if there is intent to intimidate, is that not criminal? if it's not, peter, let me ask think as a lawyer, then will it continue to happen? is there any way to really stop it? >> peter: i think it happened in the past. i think letters of that type
4:10 am
have been sent out to americans for some time. that's my belief. are there other illegal things going on? chairman issa and u.s. attorneys are look at the irs and there is some inference that there may be. but in terms of a letter like that, it's really disturbing, it really would be nasty to get a letter saying you're not reporting what you're supposed to be doing. is there an audit? are you trying to arrest me? what's going on? what should i be doing? should i be writing to the irs? who do i call? what do i say? what do i do differently in terms of what i do going forward? so it's kind of nonspecific. in that sense it's really kind of hurtful and disturbing. >> brian: i don't know how the irs works, if they ever have general meetings with management. but is this the right time to be shaking down another key element of american society? >> peter: no. >> brian: come on! you own a restaurant, trying figure out obamacare, who is going to be insured, now all of a sudden, got to find out if at the think you're cheating?
4:11 am
>> gretchen: i was going to say, many of the small businesses can't figure out obamacare, so that was enough of a problem. now this. let's turn to something peter alluded to earlier about getting photos at j.c. penneys. what about this ad? it's a back to school ad and for years where when we were growing up, we saw the cool things you're supposed to be wearing at school unless you wore uniforms, which is one reason why that's a good idea. but here is the ad. see if you think it promotes bullying or not. some people do. watch. >> i've been told the stuff can make or break your entire year. but i'm not even going to pretend to know what cool is. i'll just take him to the sale and leave the rest to them. >> why do i do my back to school shopping at j.c. penney? it's the only place i can get my kids arizona jeans. >> brian: the only place i can get what? >> gretchen: jeans. i think the problem with the ad is that a solo shot of a child by themselves in the school.
4:12 am
in other words, feeling ostracized because they apparently didn't go to j.c. penney and get the cool clothes. that's created some sort of a firestorm. >> peter: i guess. come on, get real. listen, maybe there should be uniforms for everybody. maybe that's offensive when they say make or break. maybe they're trying to break these children. >> brian: maybe they should be forced to wear football uniforms and eye black. here is the thing, it is absolutely intimidating. this is a very risky thing jc penny is trying to do. when i thought cool in the past, i never thought penny's. i never said mom, bring me to penny's, i want to fit in. but that's what they want to see happen. what they're doing is talking about penny's and back to school. however, like it or not, in school, kids hang out with other kids because they're perceived as cool. halfway there could be how you're dressed. >> gretchen: this is why i'm in favor of uniforms and i never thought i would say that. but going back to school
4:13 am
shopping -- there was a loft anxiety with it. now my kids wear uniforms and as a parent, it's so much easier. >> peter: go to penny's -- >> brian: or not be cool. >> peter: it's going to make or break you. >> brian: here is what you're saying. david saying this, there is nothing in the ad that promotes bullying. good example of hyper sensitive usa that we live in today. >> peter: yes. >> gretchen: maria in tennessee, it says if you're not wearing j.c. penney jeans, you're not good enough to be around. another one, what doesn't cause outrage? americans need to get it together. see, i don't even know -- do you watch commercials that closely to even pick up that the child is sitting there by themselves because they didn't go there? >> peter: when somebody breaks your arm in florida, that's bullying. >> brian: that's true. this could be the beginning of that. dress in penny's clothes or get in a fight. write us 'cause we'll continue to monitor. straight ahead, she's known as the angel of death. accused of killing 46 kids is
4:14 am
about to walk free because of a technicality. can anything be done? the judge who put her behind bars up next. >> gretchen: new rules about to go into effect to make sure you're not driving too drowsy. wake up at chico's we're famous for our so slimming jeans. ♪ now, meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. ♪ they slim, smooth, and shamelessly flatter, exactly where it matters. the so slimming collection. so fabulous. only at chico's and
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it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the room it needs to grow. this&is gonna be big. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together. >> gretchen: she could be one of america's most prolific serial killers that you probably never heard of and she's about to go free. jeanine jones, texas nurse known as the angel of death has been locked up when she was convicted of killing one child. 15 month old chelsea with a lethal drug injection, and she is suspected of murdering nearly 50 other babies using the same tactics. but a loophole in the law could send her home early despite her 99-year sentence. i'm joined by texas congressman john carter who was the judge who presided over the case and helped put her behind bars. good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so it's a complicated case. >> how are you? >> gretchen: fine, thank you so much. miss jones was only tried and
4:18 am
convicted on one of these murders. correct? >> that's right. it's been reported it was -- she was convicted of a serial killing, but although you technically with the number she was involved in, she probably was a serial killer, but she was tried for one murder case. >> gretchen: so there is a loophole in texas law that after 35 years, if she had good behavior, if she could continue to come up for parole. but now, is it correct for me to understand that it's a mandatory release coming up in the next few years for her? >> that's what i understand. i haven't looked into that and looked up the statute 'cause i'm now a congressman. but at the time we were aware that we had written laws to shorten the time in prison mainly 'cause we have very overcrowded system back during the '70s and '80s. so we awarded a lot of what you call good time. the jury was allowed to know
4:19 am
about good time, but not how it would be pertaining to the particular case they were on. same thing for parole. >> gretchen: right. it's my understanding the jury was not allowed to know that she was possibly implicated in 50 other deaths. why was she never prosecuted for these other deaths of babies? >> of course, the prosecution decision was made down in san antonio, most of the events took place in bexar county in san antonio. i got this case in williamson county on a change of venue from kerrville where at this another judge a favor to try this case. there was one case in san antonio, but the other thing that happened in the midst of our trial was that the hospital in san antonio shredded the records. >> gretchen: so now there is a push for somebody to come forward who may have been involved in one of these cases who lost a child as a result of miss jones because unless you come up with new evidence and can try her on a new charge, she will, in fact, be released.
4:20 am
>> well, we have a demonstration during our trial and at least 30 women showed up claiming that they had a child that she had in some form or fashion injured or killed. it was kind of a problem for me, but i took care of it. the bottom line is, there is plenty of folks that know they lost a child. the question is, request they meet the burden of proof to prove it? >> gretchen: i see. congressman john carter of texas, who was the judge in this case, complicated situation. but we're talk talking about it here. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: talk about a big screwup. why the treasury department was forced to destroy millions of dollars? then the dos and don'ts of asking for a raise. brian, are you paying attention? >> i heard sally makes five grand more than me. >> gretchen: cheryl casone with the best ways to score a bigger paycheck. come on over, cheryl.
4:21 am
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>> peter: it's time for news by the numbers. $241,000. that's how much it will cost a middle income family to raise a child born this year to age 18. that's up 2 1/2% from last year. the biggest cost of all, housing. next, five days. that's how long the postal service anticipates having operating cash on hand after its annual workers compensation payout in october. not a lot of dough. finally, $100 bills. the treasury throwing them away because of a defect in the redesign. the new bill is scheduled to go into circulation october 8.
4:25 am
>> brian: you want a raise. but did you know you could kill your chances all by how you ask and when to do it. here with what not to say when asking for a bigger paycheck is cheryl casone from the "fox business" network who is doing this segment for free. >> yes, i actually am. that is true. obviously you want a raise, or there are sometimes you need to ask, but there are a lot of ways not to ask for a raise. if you're going to ask for a raise, really timing is everything. listen to this. >> i know the timing isn't great, but i'd like to discuss getting a raise. >> this is a don't because you don't know what's happening at the company. if the company is doing well, you can check the financials of most companies to see if business is good. but if you're sitting around, bored all day, you don't have a lot of work, maybe the company isn't doing so well. if they're throwing huge parties and it's going to be a christmas
4:26 am
blowout, then maybe you could ask for a raise. but typing in the company is what you got to be aware of. >> brian: if there is a company adding to the roller derby, thanks for bringing me, but i'd rather have the money in my pocket. >> exactly. >> brian: there is another fact that you want to bring forward. >> never do this to your boss. >> if i don't see a bump in my salary soon, i'm sending out my resume. >> brian: threaten them. >> go right ahead, sweetheart. good luck with that. never, never, never threaten your boss. that's the worse thing you can do. but if you come in and say, you know what? i have an offer and if you're willing to walk, you've got to be willing to take that offer and walk if they're not going to match that offer action that's an acceptable ultimatum. >> brian: how about the fact that i've been here a long time, should i get more money for that? >> funny enough, length of employment is not a true reason. here is a mistake. >> i've been here for a year and a half now and i'd really like to see a bigger paycheck.
4:27 am
>> okay. government data is now telling us that people are just getting back to 2008 salaries. so does it matter how long you've been there -- it doesn't matter how long you've been there. but if you had a promise when you walked i getting a year after each year, six months, et cetera, that's a valid reason. but it's not a valid reason to say, well, i've been here long enough. >> brian: how about this, i'm having trouble at home, my house payment has gone up. i'm on an adjustable mortgage. >> if you are, we have to adjust that. but everybody has personal issues. listen to this. >> here is the issue, i need a raise because my father lost his job. i have to support my family. >> look, everybody has problems. while your boss is going to be sympathetic, at the end of the day your value is as employee of the company ask certainly they probably know things are going on of the but if you could go in, give data, i've been doing this, achieving this and that. that could probably get to the rate. most people aren't going to be jerks about it.
4:28 am
they're not going to give you a raise simply because you got personal issues. but i do have good news for you. i wasn't able to get awe raise for this year action but i can buy you breakfast. >> brian: fantastic. 20 bucks. the diner is calling my name. listen, i got two things. one, you have good casting. great actors. number two is when you hear the music, never ask for anything because as soon as you hear the chaos in the background, i know there is going to be trouble. what time today? >> noon eastern time today. >> brian: i'll be watching. i have cable. up next, an incredible story, how a cat, yes, a cat helped convict a man of manslaughter. plus, don't try this at home. a diver puts a shark in a trance for 15 minutes.
4:29 am
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♪ >> brian: time for your shot of the morning. the incredible moment tom the shark whisperer, he worked his magic at the caribbean reef shark in the bahamas. hypnotizing deadly sharks for 15 minutes. just by gently tickling his nose. tom claims he never once felt
4:33 am
threatened. this is where we're sending anna kooiman next. >> gretchen: i was going to say we're going to send you. >> brian: first off, learn to hypnotize, second, learn to tickle, and third, jump in. >> gretchen: we had tickle on the show the other day. >> brian: was i here? >> gretchen: tickle is about a moonshine show. yes. it was fascinating to meet tickle. >> peter: we invoked your name. >> gretchen: i'm not kidding you. his name is tickle. >> brian: all right. >> this is your buddy tickle and you're watching "fox & friends." >> brian: he's my buddy? >> gretchen: he's all of our buddies. >> brian: a five-year-old jumps off a roller coaster while it's moving in coney island, new york. his leg got caught between the car and the track. wnyw reporter is live outside the hospital in new york city where the boy is now recovering. this sounds crazy! >> yeah, brian. really scary moments. good morning to you. this boy was brought here to
4:34 am
bellevue on the east side of manhattan to be treated for a fairly serious leg injury. the good news, he is expected to make a full recovery. paramedics took him away from the amusement park on a stretcher last night. the co-owner of that park tells us that the boy did meet the height requirements for the roller coaster, which is known as the sea serpent. as the ride was moving, this boy got scared, tried to get off, fell off the ride and, in fact, became wedged between one of the cars and the track. >> the investigation is showing that the lap bar was securely fastened and he just wiggled his way out from underneath it. was frightened. >> this ride has been in operation continuously for 15 years without an incident. by the way, inspectors with the new york city buildings department did do a preliminary investigation and they found nothing wrong with this ride. that is the latest. live from manhattan's east side this morning, robert moses, fox news. back to you in the studio.
4:35 am
>> brian: the theme is, even if you're scared, don't get out. >> peter: that's a roller coaster typically for younger kids. it's not as extreme. we see -- they have rides like that around the country, the serpent, i've been on that. >> gretchen: that's about as scary as i go these days. >> peter: that's tough. >> gretchen: let's do some of the other headlines. controversial march being planned in washington, d.c. now changing its name. it's scheduled for the anniversary of the 9-11 atracks. changed this million american march. muslim political action committee claims the government failed to protect their civil rights and wants additional discrimination laws and demanding the entire 9-11 commission report be made public. the f.d.a. cracking the whip on sleeping pill regulations. the agency says they will push manufacturers for more extensive driving tests. in january they told drug makers to reduce recommended dosage to stop people from falling asleep at the wheel during their morning drive to work. it could be a problem. now the agency wants drug
4:36 am
companies to have specific guidelines for driving tests and a broader focus to any drug that causes drowsiness, such as allergy medications as well. doctors say part of the problem is people ignoring the driving warnings on drugs labels. >> brian: 'cause they're overwarning us! they say everything can happen. >> gretchen: yeah. but if you take a sleeping pill at night, you probably think it's okay to drive in the morning. >> peter: if you take it at 3 in the middle of the night and drive at 6, it's a problem. >> gretchen: forget csi. call it cat scene investigators. a cat's dna helping put this man, david hilder behind bars for the rest of his life. it's the first time cat dna has been used in a criminal case in the united kingdom. they used a new british feline database to match a hair they found on a dismembered body to hidler's cat. he was convicted of manslaughter. the cat is still a free feline. >> brian: he needs a comb. >> gretchen: new mom kim kardashian spotted for the first time since giving birth to her
4:37 am
daughter in june. you can see kim and kanye west. but no shot of the baby's face yet. she was fully covered as was kim, concealed her figure under a baggy button down with another shirt tied around her waist. what about her make-up and hair? >> brian: i'm not sure. but i'd say baggy and her has never been linked. she was always wearing tighter clothes. meanwhile, a stuntman who jumped at the 2012 olympics is dead now. he died after crashing into a ridge in switzerland. we're told he just jumped from a helicopter. he was taking part in a three-day diving event. right now police are investigating. he was 41 years old. new this morning, try to follow me. nfl is reportedly planning to use former players as guinea pigs. of course with their permission, for hgh testing. usa today reporting now that the
4:38 am
league and players unions wants to inject dozens of retired players with the hormone for before and after testing. they're also giving to gum they have injections of a placebo which a lot of people think don't work, to determine the highest level of hgh a player can have before violating a new drug policy. i wonder if there is a plan b. by the way, if you want more on this, 9 to 12, kilmeade and friends, we have a great line - up coming your way. now, talk about great, have you seen maria lately? she's great. >> peter: she's going to weatherize us. what's happening? >> out here in new york city, it's a chilly start to the day. we're talking temperatures only in the 60s. a little unusual for the month of august. typically you should be waking up to temperatures at least in the 70s. but that's pretty much as warm as it's going to get across parts of new york city. highs in the 70s. parts of the great lakes. the same goes for you. as we head farther south, we're look at temperatures below
4:39 am
average in sections of atlanta, parts of georgia, and also into the carolinas. that's because we have a cold front that will be producing a lot of heavy rain over the next several days and eventually some tropical moisture will be mixing in on that. you could pick up eight inches of rain. flooding will be a huge concern. across the center of the country, damaging winds, large hail and isolated tornadoes are possible with several thunderstorms anywhere from parts of south dakota, down into the texas panhandle. let's head back inside. >> gretchen: thanks. it's been 15 years since she was last seen on the big screen. oprah winfrey is coming back in one of the most powerful films. >> brian: everyone is talking about this. for more, let's step into the spotlight and the fox light with michael. >> good morning, guys. how are you? >> brian: good. what's it like meeting oprah? >> incredible. i understand a couple people were cranky with her lately. but once you get into the room with her, she's very giving. she gives you everything you need. she really goes out of her way to make the interview interesting. i went in there all hey, we had
4:40 am
just a good time. you get four minutes and they're strict with their time. we went to 6 1/2, i think. the floor manager was ready to kill me. cut off. they don't mind when they ignore you, right, joel? >> gretchen: as long as she wanted to continue speaking to you, i guess that was a good thing. you must have been asking the right questions. >> we did. it's her first movie in 15 years, since "beloved" in 1998. and she's a larger than life character and media mogul. 30 seconds into the movie, you forget it's oprah winfrey. it's gloria gains, the wife of the butler who served eight presidents and chronicles america's civil rights movement from beginning all the way to the election of 2008 and we asked her what the whole experience was like and what it was like going into the character. >> a lot of people are moved by your performance. >> that is the biggest compliment you can give me. that's the biggest compliment you can give me because let's face it, i was in people's faces
4:41 am
in their living rooms, in their kitchens for 25 years. so for somebody to come into that film and for me to lose myself in that, that's saying something. that really is. >> gretchen: what does she look like in character? >> very different. a boozier, saucier oprah. >> peter: academy award nominee? >> people are talking about it, definitely. >> brian: that could be the break she needs to really get big. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: there she is. okay. thanks, michael. >> thank you. >> gretchen: for all of his celebrity interviews, visit in the fox and follow him on twitter at foxlightmichael. coming up, this teenage girl gunned down because of the violence in chicago. her parents say it's a warning for the country. don't get rid of stop and frisk in new york? >> brian: look at this, the night sky turned to day. what put on this spectacular show? only peter johnson knows. >> peter: i'll let you know.
4:42 am
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
>> brian: quick headlines. new details about the fast and furious scandal. it's confirming three more guns were discovered at crime scenes in mexico. they were trace to do a gun shop encouraged to sell guns to suspicious customers by the justice department. amazing sight in the sky. a young astronomer capturing this moment that the perseid meteor shower passed by australia. the astronomer wasn't even awake when the shower passed. he set up his camera, then went to bed. it's almost as magical as santa. peter? >> peter: thanks, brian. people living in murder-plagued chicago have a warning for new
4:46 am
yorkers after a judge's decision that ruled stop and frisk to be unconstitutional. your city is about to go down the same dark murderous path. my next guests agree and know tragedy all too well. they are the parents of the late hadea pendleton. this 15-year-old girl, incredible, was shot and killed in chicago just one week, nine days, after singing at president obama's inauguration in january. we welcome cleopatra and in nathaniel. thank you for joining us. please accept our condolences on your daughter's loss. >> thank you. >> peter: your great loss. we know in new york city that a federal judge said the stop and frisk, which has accounted for a tremendous reduction in violence, in murder in the city is going to be out the window. how do you react to that and do you think that if there was a stop and frisk program like there is in new york, that perhaps your beautiful daughter would not have been claimed by
4:47 am
gang violence? >> well, i really feel that the stop and frisk is -- if it's already working, why take it away? if that was possible in chicago, maybe our daughter would still be alive. >> peter: let's look together at the murder rate in chicago as compared to new york city for 2012. out of 100,000 people, the murder rate is 18.8 in chicago. and in new york city, 5.0. mrs. pendleton, your daughter was an incredible singer, athlete, baton twirler and honor student, a model girl and she was cut down in a park, allegedly by people who were part of a gang. what lesson is there for us out
4:48 am
of the tragic death of your daughter and what should law enforcement be doing in this country to insure that these needless deaths don't take place anymore? >> well, my daughter was doing what she was supposed to do. going to the park is not a problem. shouldn't be a problem. the issue is the fact that there are so many illegal guns out here, so law enforcement should be doing what they are doing, which is try to get the guns off the streets, sound the source and negate that source. i don't know. it's so much to say. so many people that are affected by violence and i think that it's very important to identify the fact that people are dying left and right here in chicago as relates to guns. so stop and frisk i believe will be something that's encouraging in chicago to the violent
4:49 am
offenders or whatever, to not carry weapons, not want to get caught, not want to suffer the consequence of that action. >> peter: well, in terms of consequences, you've become part of the solution and mr. and mrs. pendleton, you've set up a not for profit in your daughter's name to help do good things in her memory. so people, if they want to help, they can go to www .. we've back to school drive coming up august 21. we are looking for donations for book bags and school supplies. definitely go to that web site or event bright and put in hidea and the link will come up. we look forward to anyone who would like to support our organization. >> peter: it will be on our web site as well. we mourn your loss and admire your courage on speaking out on an important public policy
4:50 am
issue. we wish you healing and health as you go forward. >> thank you so much. >> peter: thank you. she's one of the most popular authors in america. now debbie mccumbers novel hitting the small screen. debbie is up next. there she is. but first, on this date in 1975, just like yesterday, bee gees "jive talking requesting" was the number one song. one of my favorites. yours good job! still running in the morning? yeah. getting your vegetables every day? when i can. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. two full servings of vegetables for only 50 delicious calories. for our so slimming jeans. meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. slim, smooth, flatter.
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the so slimming collection. only at chico's and because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. ♪ let busy bone entertain your in delicioudogeanut butter. with it's playful, long lasting twists, and savory, meaty middle. get busy. the world's most entertaining treats.
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4:53 am
>> gretchen: annie mcdowell is trying to balance career and family life in the new show "cedar cove." >> i know it's tough, but you needed to say it. he needed to hear it. who knows? you may come home to a clean
4:54 am
house. >> right. (phone ringing). >> hello? oh, dear. okay. i'll be right over. >> what happened? >> that was grace. allison, she's missing. >> gretchen: top rated cable drama based on a best selling book series. right? >> brian: that's true. >> gretchen: author debbie mccomber joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> brian: what's it like seeing your book being in dialogue and seeing a series and having it embraced? >> i would say magical. it's far and above and beyond anything i had ever thought or imagined. >> brian: because you said it started for you when? , the whole writing process? >> i wrote my first book when i was about 12. at age 30, i rented a typewriter and put it on the kitchen table and four little kids running around and i started pounding away on the keys. >> peter: you rented a
4:55 am
typewriter? >> we couldn't afford one. >> peter: now you have 170 million books in print around the world and a new book, debbie, "rose harbor in bloom." tell us about that. >> after i ended the cedar cove series, people didn't want to leave. so i decided i would set the new series inside cedar cove. it's about an inn and it's the -- the readers are picking it up. >> gretchen: senator to integrate them. you say the theme is healing and renewal. is that important in your personal life? >> absolutely. i think it's important in everybody's life that we do, that we have healing and renewal. it's about a widow who buys a bed and breakfast. her husband was killed in afghanistan. she's very young, and yet she needs to heal. so she buys this inn and the people that come need to heal, too. >> brian: wow. the series is so successful right now. the book is doing well. tell me about world vision
4:56 am
charity. >> i happen to be a knitter. i started knitting as a child. i was dyslexic. i didn't read 'til i was ten. knitting has been an integral part of my life. as i've grown older, knitting is a love to be able to help a child in another country or in america is giving back. so many of us are look for simple ways to give back. we can do that through this. >> gretchen: we'll put this on our web site as well. i find it fascinating you're dyslexic and you've been able to write all these books. it's a fascinating story about somebody achieving, or overachieving through challenges. continued succession to you and with this new movie and series on hallmark. >> brian: coming up straight ahead in the final hour, chris christie teaming up with republicans again today. what's on the agenda? we're live at the big meeting with michelle malkin here with a warning for republicans voters.
4:57 am
>> gretchen: a police officer hailed as a hero for saving this dog from a car wreck. the incredible story, top of the hour when you realize you need to switch to verizon,
4:58 am
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>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's thursday, august 15, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your very busy day with us. the death toll rising now in cairo, egypt. protesters push argalis truck off a bridge and the muslim brotherhood calling it a glorious revolution. breaking details on the ousted president. what this means now for the united states straight ahead. >> peter: will there be an official government investigation into this rodeo clown? the naacp is demanding one because of this mask depicting president obama. michelle malkin is going to weigh in on this. >> brian: the clown got an offer, too. another job offer. an officer being hailed a hero for this photo after he rescued
5:01 am
a german shepherd. the story behind this picture that has gone viral. not me, but the one i'm sharing the screen with. "fox & friends" starts now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. >> brian: it's been a crazy show, especially with what's happening in cairo, in egypt. the unrest is unbelievable because the military is not backing down. the muslim brotherhood is not backing down. morsi still remains in prison. one thing is pretty clear, our people are being totally ignored, from the secretary of defense to the secretary of state, to the president. >> gretchen: and also the president has yet to really comment that much about it. he had a briefing on it yesterday, but will he be now in a situation where he's going to have to have the united states have some sort of say here? >> peter: is it a civil war? >> gretchen: that's our fox news alert from egypt, death toll, 525 people in one day have been killed.
5:02 am
it's the deadliest day since the uprising originally started, the arab spring, in 2011. remember that? here is another perspective of what happened. supporters of mohammed morsi pushing a police van off a bridge. also this morning, egypt's interim vice president suddenly resigning. he says he could not go along with the crackdown on protest protesters. morsey will be detained 30 more days. he's being held in an undisclosed location, accused of murder and spying. another breaking news story. model gia allemond who has on "the bachelor" has died in an apparent suicide. it's reported her boyfriend, ryan anderson, had recently hit a rocky patch. he found her hanging in her new orleans home and called 911.
5:03 am
she was in critical condition at the hospital for the last two days before doctors took her off life support. she was only 29 years old. scary moment for patriots fans as tom brady goes down clutching his knee. take a close look at this caught on camera. >> oh, no. >> gretchen: happened during a joint practice with the tampa bay bucs. he was able to walk off the field. doctors say only a sprain. he's listed as day-to-day, but expected to practice today. the injury could mean more preseason playing time possibly for tim tebow who celebrated his 26th birthday yester pennsylvane officer being called a hero for rescue ago german shepherd after a car accident. the photo of the officer carrying the dog has gone viral. >> i own a german shepherd myself and i know how devastated i would feel if i never saw my dog again or knew that the dog was struck by a car. >> gretchen: the dog took off. she ran for two miles on hot
5:04 am
pavement. the pads her feet were raw and she could no longer walk. the officer carried her to safety. her owner said she's now doing well. those are your headlines. >> brian: there is a lot of action going on, especially when you consider the fact we're in the middle of august. for example, top republicans getting together today for a summer meeting. not everyone in the party is seeing eye to eye and in the republican party, that's been the case for a while. molly line, is chris christie back in the good graces of the republican party? >> he will be speaking here today. he's headlining a luncheon. they'll be listening to what he has to say. we'll be keeping an eye on that, wondering how that shakes out throughout the day. some of those big names that will be here. also the gop is planning a major rising star town hall this afternoon. they want to try and highlight some of the up and coming people in their party, promoting individuals, including women and minorities and the rnc members will have time here to talk about some of those tough issues that the party is facing.
5:05 am
things that have caused strife like immigration. there is also focus in lay ago groundwork, have a stronger presence in minority communities, appeal to a broader audience and younger voters to help the party grow. >> i think it takes time. obviously you have to work very hard on the ground. i think that in our particular case, i have to focus on the things i can control and that's why i'm focusing in on the ground game and digital and data programs. >> the rnc is going to try to draw attention to the technology initiatives as well. >> gretchen: thanks so much. >> brian: we'll see about the aftermath after governor kristy speaks. it's always fun to get the e-mails after michelle malkin comes on of the you got a loft big supporters out there, michelle. welcome back. >> thanks for having me back, brian. >> gretchen: she was just here on the curvy couch. >> brian: i missed that? >> gretchen: yeah. you missed an appearance. she's back in the little screen
5:06 am
talking to us. let's talk about marco rubio. many people still speculating he may run for president on the republican side coming up in the next few years. he's now warning we should legalize immigrants because president obama, he believes will do it anyway. in your mind, is that the reason to do it? tough situation for him, i think, on this issue. >> well, he's dug himself into a hole and he can't get himself out. so he has resorted to rather desperate, silly and may i add craven rationales for sticking with his disaster. to argue to conservatives who believe in limited government that we should pass this massive amnesty monstrosity because obama is going to do it anyway smacks of the worst kind of political expedience. i think that marco rubio's higher ambitions have clouded his brain. he's not arguing anymore that we
5:07 am
should pass some sort of border enforcement plan because it's the right thing to do and good for the country. if you want the outside the beltway translation of what he's arguing, it's we need to pass something because republicans need to take credit for something that everybody knows that obama is going to selectively enforce anyway. >> brian: right. >> that's called giving up. >> brian: executive orders is what got us the dream act without anybody's con consensus. he decided to do that. made a mockery of immigration enforcement and he's probably not off, he feels the president will pick and choose what he likes in the immigration bill and make executive orders and try to get his agenda forward. >> so rather than serving the agenda of a tyrant, what he should be doing is fighting on the side of, say, the ice agents who sued the obama administration over that fiat and even though they did not win that case, they found a
5:08 am
technicality. the judge in that case specifically said that he agreed with the ice agents, that this administration had overreached. so rather than give up and capitulate and say, well, he's going to do it anyway, you should go down fighting with every last breath and try and persuade people instead of legalizing millions of illegal aliens and continuing this same pattern that we should put a halt to it once and for all and do the right thing. >> peter: let's look at this rodeo clown controversy, michelle. walk us through this thing. on one side the naacp in missouri wants to make this rodeo clown a racist terrorist threat to the president. on the other side, some people are making this rodeo clown a demonstration of the first amendment in the country. white house says it's not one of missouri's finest moments. is this getting out of control? what do you say? >> well, what we have here is
5:09 am
insane rodeo clown bashing posse of obama apologists and self-appointed civil rights leaders in the sensitivity police. it's ridiculous, of course. these people have probably never been to a rodeo before. it's a rowdy atmosphere, they'll make fun of anybody and in the past, of course, there have been rodeo clowns who have had hillary clinton masks and george bush masks. it is about free speech, of course. and i think what's going on here is that you've got these missouri so-called progressives who are looking to exploit this on behalf of claire mccaskill, who needs all the help she can get. >> brian: let's see what the representative of the white house said. i haven't heard about the president's reaction on this one, but that's the follow-up to he said it's not his finest moment because he's from missouri. >> gretchen: what do you make of the fact that -- i think there was a member of congress in texas who invited the rodeo
5:10 am
clown to come over to texas. >> brian: how do we know it's the right one? could be anybody. >> i think what's happening here is that the clowns in the white house don't appreciate the competition. there is another more serious point here, too, and i posted ten pictures on my web site, images of george george during his administration that are far, far worse than any of the gentle ridicule and mockery that this president has received. kill bush, a fascination sheik. these weren't just fringe people mocking our president and had the least amount of respect. many of these very violent and inciteful images appeared in major film festivals and art galleries. i think it bespeaks of the rank hypocrisy of the tolerance mob. and the thin skin of the white house. >> gretchen: let's talk about somebody who may be changing their tune a little bit and that's bono.
5:11 am
he now is praising capitalism? >> brian: speaking at georgetown university. he came out and said that aid is a short-term fix. long-term it's going to be capitalism that gets the world out of poverty. where is this coming from, michelle? >> i don't know, but i'm not going to question any change of heart on the part of hollywoodn.
5:12 am
video, protestersrsrsrsrsrsrsrso throwing a police van off a bridge. are things going to getstates ho step in? >> brian: we are not stepping in that chaos. >> gretchen: they did two years ago. what's going to happen, coming up next. >> peter: tense moments inside of a courtroom when an inmate reaches for a cop's gun. the entire thing caught on camera, coming up
5:13 am
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5:16 am
>> brian: the death toll rising dramatically overnight in egypt. over 500 people now dead and the number rising. the deadliest day since the uprising started in 2011. this latest round of violence began when riot police smashed two protest camps. are we witnessing the beginning of an all-out civil war in egypt? if so, what side should we be on? what should america do? author is my guest this morning and who better, eric, first off, the brotherhood was elected, some in america say do the right thing. you don't like him, put him back in power. what do you think? >> that's madness. when mohammed morsi, the muslim brotherhood president was elected, i shuttered because i knew what the muslim brotherhood was all about, brian. every american needs to know that this is the grand daddy of
5:17 am
all modern islamic terrorist groups. theospaned al-qaeda. they created hamas. in fact, i make the point in the book that without the creation of the muslim brotherhood, 9-11 would have never happened. i say that without hesitation. osama bin laden, khalid sheikh mohammed, all the al-qaeda kingpins before they formed al-qaeda, they belonged to the muslim brotherhood. the brotherhood is the gateway drug, brian, to islamic terrorism. these are very, very bad guys. they are terrorists in suits in many cases and we can not support a group that's inherently anti-american, anti-semitic, but that's exactly what we've been doing under this administration and it is disastrous. we're seeing the effects of that right now in egypt. >> brian: we've done the impossible. the muslim brotherhood hate us and now the egyptian people hate us for supporting the muslim brotherhood. how have we done this? >> brian, that was so disheartening to me as an american. a few weeks ago in tahrir square to see egyptians holding up signs saying that america is a friend of tyranny.
5:18 am
president obama is a friend of the muslim brotherhood. so disheartening because the brotherhood is a tyrannical, totalitarian organization and we have taken their side and i interviewed muslim brotherhood operatives face-to-face. i lay it out in the book. these guys are slick. they wear suits and ties. they're eloquent. western educated. quite charming if i didn't know better. our government sees that, brian. they say hey, these guys are moderate. we can work with them. this is just a disasterous decision by our government. >> brian: it makes no sense because we made a decision when hamas won the election, we would never deal with them. but muslim brotherhood wins, we say great, give me a hug. it makes no sense. and senator mccain led the charge on this. but in the big picture, people at home wondering what side should we be on? you believe muslim brotherhood will get support from outside its borders. >> yeah. remember, there are some 70 branches of the muslim brotherhood around the world, including hamas, by the way. palestinian branch of the muslim brotherhood, they're going to get support from the whole
5:19 am
global jihaddist network. they will not go quietly. i think we are seeing the seeds of a civil war. by the way, why should every american care about what happens in egypt? well, if the suez canal is target where had a lot of the world's oil passes through every day, we will feel that every time we go to the pump. oil and gas prices will skyrocket. >> brian: so egypt's defining civil war, it's crazy what's happening right now in the middle east. >> what does israel do, surrounded by all that chaos? >> brian: exactly. they're being forced to talk to the palestinians about peace. hard to be optimistic about that which started this week. we're watching it play out. thanks, eric. >> thank you. >> brian: 19 minutes after the hour. bob massi gets more questions about wills than anything else. up next, he will tackle a very controversial question, when and how to cut your kids out of your will. you heard me, kaitlyn, kirsten and brian. police officers handing bags of potato chips to pot heads?
5:20 am
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5:23 am
>> brian: quick headlines. five-year-old boy jumps off a roll coaster while it's moving. the accident happened last night at coney island in new york. the boy's leg got caught between the car and the track. he's in the hospital, but is expected to be okay. and residents say they were afraid a deadly plane crash like this could happen and would happen. so much so, officials bought and tore down a half dozen homes near the airport in connecticut. the homes hit last week were about a half mile from the runway. we'll tell you more.
5:24 am
>> peter: dealing with your financial estate can be tricky, especially when figuring out what to leave your kids when you pass away, or even to include them at all. fox news legal analyst bob massi has tips to think about when dealing with divvying up your assets. this is really important and people don't like to talk about it. so the first question is, why do some parents actually disinherit their children? >> it's always a tough emotional issue, peter. but there is a couple reasons and there is many reasons. one would be that maybe one child does better than others financially. maybe they married into money or very successful. sometimes you have problem children, drug addiction, alcohol, things like this. sometimes some children are born with challenges where they're under some kind of federal or state aid, so under the law, they want to try to disinherit them to protect those type of subsidies. there is a lot of reasons, but those are some very common
5:25 am
reasons. >> peter: a great explanation. is disinheritance necessary under these circumstances, or can it be avoided? >> i've talked to some high end estate planning attorneys who say that, listen, bob, when you're in this situation with a child that had drug abuse or alcoholism, you could actually leave them some things in your will or trust, but you have to put guidelines and say listen, i want them in rehab. i want them drug tested. i want them to go through programs. and put conditions that if, in fact, they're clean, they get a little bit of money over a period of time. that's a big burden for the trustee that's appointed to oversee this. the other thing is if you have a child that has some kind of challenge medically, disability and they're getting aid, you could do what's called a special needs trust. these special needs trusts, again, qualifyied estate planners could set it up so they could get benefits through your inheritance, but don't affect the government subsidies they're
5:26 am
receiving. so that's why estate planners can help. >> peter: final question, bob. should the child be told of a disinheritance once the will or trust is done? >> that's tough because ultimately no matter what, they're your blood, you love them. at the same time, they caused you a lot of heartache. that becomes a personal choice. many times personal choice lawyers write letters to the children and say your parents have done their estate planning. this is basically what could happen, and sometimes, believe it or not, there is reconciliation. they open up the line of communication. they try to fix the problem. so god willing, these things don't happen often, but it's a reality in life, particularly with the baby boomers right now dealing with some of these issues. >> peter: that's why people come to bob massi to fix the problem. reconciliation. my brother, bob massi, we'll see you next week. >> thank you. >> peter: there are most wound warriors, the men and women at walter reed. up next, the disgraceful way they are being treated thanks to
5:27 am
the sequester. and we're just minutes away from big breaking news on the economy. nicole petallides is live at the stock exchange. >> good morning. we're waiting on our all important numbers for jobless claims coming out just after this commercial break. so stay tuned for that. i got a couple of names that are looking to the down side on the dow jones industrial today. so a lot of market news coming up for you and we want to know all about our economy and jobs, coming up.
5:28 am
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5:31 am
>> peter: we're back with a fox news business alert. jobless numbers just released. nicole petallides has the breaking news live from the new york stock exchange. nicole? >> thanks. i want to take a look at some of the names, things we're look at as far as our economy. couple of pieces of news we just got. weekly jobless claims came in. they can be volatile. 320,000 versus the estimates of 335,000. so that was slightly better than expected. we also got in consumer price index, which shows inflation numbers and how we're doing as far as inflation is concerned at the consumer level. that's pretty much in line.
5:32 am
there was an empire manufacturing number here in new york that was a little bit weaker. so we are seeing u.s. stock index futures point to go a lower open today. so it looks like we'll pull back even though we lost yesterday as well. >> gretchen: let's talk about this white house plan. president obama defending a plan now that could add another government surcharge to your cell phone bill. i think it would be about $5 a year, or maybe $5 a billing cycle. i'm not sure. but the entire cost is 4 to $6 billion. what is it going to do? >> right. that's absolutely right. we were talking about now adding to consumers' costs once again. president obama and the administration are look at a way now, and this is something they're doing for schools. what is it? it's high speed internet access for schools. it allows students to use digital notebooks. teachers will customize their lessons like never before. that sounds great, doesn't it? and here is the real interesting part. president obama doesn't even
5:33 am
need congress to approve it. so this could be a big achievement for president obama and his team right in the administration for the current term. but obviously how do you pay for this? u.s. consumers, of course. that could be tacked on to your mobile phone bill. republicans are being see adamant about this that they are not going to approve this. they don't want to raise costs for consumers. they will even, if this proposal moves forward, they said they will hold congressional hearings and pressure the sec to side against the plan because obviously this, as you noted, will cost americans more. so that's something that -- you know, just to make a point, wal-mart today came out with some numbers. one thing that they noted was that higher payroll taxes hit their consumers. so you're not seeing the consumers hitting the retail stores the way they did. so they're weaker. another dow component is cisco systems as they're slashing 4,000 jobs. you have to key dow components
5:34 am
this morning that will have some down arrows. >> gretchen: all right. nicole petallides, thanks much. >> brian: the numbers are good, 320,000 jobs. >> gretchen: now to other headlines for i couldn't thursday. controversial march being planned in washington, called the million muslim march. it's changed to million american march. organized by the american muslim political action committee. the group claims the government failed to protect their civil rights. sequester cuts hitting our country's most wounded warriors. the warrior cafe at walter reed medical center suspending meal tickets and cutting back its hours. it's the only dining facility in the building for amputee patients. they now have to eat at temporary trailers which are not handicapped accessible. video of an inmate going for a cop's gun. in court on burglary grand theft and charges of obstructing an officer, you can see lunges
5:35 am
forward and officers are quick to take him down. this really a good use of our law enforcement? police in seattle handing out free bags of during ritos -- doritos to pot heads? they intend to get the word out about washington's new marijuana law. information about the law will be on a sticker attached to the bags. [ laughter ] wait a minute. they're like encouraging the munchies? >> brian: i think the pot encourages the munchies. they're satisfying the urge. >> gretchen: right. okay. >> brian: doritos is an acquired taste. >> gretchen: unfortunately for me, it's not an acquired taste. i could eat them all day long. >> brian: the one snack i will never have, fritos. i would rather eat bugs. >> gretchen: why? >> peter: fritos are good. >> gretchen: i'm scared to know the back story. >> brian: i think they went out of their way -- >> peter: there is no bugs in
5:36 am
fritos. >> gretchen: did you eat bugles growing up? you put them on your finger? >> peter: no. and funny bones. i'm not big on funny bones. >> gretchen: let us know your favorite childhood snack that was salty. only do salty. >> brian: we find out later how bad they actually were for you, jamming up our aorta. the stuntman who wowed the world with his james bond parachute jump in the 2012 london olympics died diving. he died after crashing into a ridge in switzerland. he jumped from a helicopter, taking part in a wing diving event. right now police are investigating the entire incident. he was 41 years old. new this morning, nfl reportedly planning to use former nfl players as guinea pigs. they're asking them to take hgh and give other players some placebos. usa today reports the league and players union wants to inject dozens of retired players with the hormone before they start league-wide testing. they're trying to determine the highest level of hgh a player can have before violating a new
5:37 am
drug policy. seems to me we got to expand on that description a little bit. >> peter: maybe use baseball players. >> brian: they're ahead of the game. >> gretchen: who is going to volunteer for that? >> brian: i don't know. >> gretchen: honestly. >> brian: some people use hgh as anti-aging. one woman who doesn't need that is still in her teens, maria. >> hey. good morning. >> gretchen: these toss to you -- i've worked with him for seven years and i have not received tosses like that over seven years. you've gotten two. >> i'm going to return the favor. brian, you don't need anti-aging either. >> brian: thank you very much. i also won't be playing in the nfl this year. >> gretchen: what's our weather picture? >> let's look at the weather conditions across the country. i actually want to start here in new york city because we do have a big weather story and it's actually a good one for many of you because we're looking at a beautiful day in store for the northeast, parts of the great lakes. a lot of sunshine. if you're doing any traveling, i'm not thinking we're going to see any weather-related delays. the only issue will be temperatures.
5:38 am
they are a little below average. we're talking waking up to temperatures in the 60s. this afternoon widespread temperatures, only in the 70s. i want to take you to the tropics because it is august. we're still in the atlantic, hurricane season, even though it feels like fall and we just have brand-new newly formed tropical storm erin across parts of the atlantic ocean. right now maximum sustained winds at about 40 miles per hour. it's off the coast of africa. so it's very far away from us. we're not really looking at any impact possible from the storm system right now. maybe in the next couple of days, or actually next couple of weeks, over a week at least before the storm system begins to approach parts of the caribbean. otherwise we have another area that we're monitoring across parts of the western caribbean and it is going to be moving into the gulf. we could potentially be seeing a tropical storm developing there. but if it develops or not, the big story with that storm system is going to be a lot of heavy rain across sections of the southeast over the next several days. locally, more than eight inches of rain will be possible. flooding is going to be a concern out there. right now we already have rain moving through parts of the
5:39 am
carolinas, parts of georgia. as we head farther west, we have a threat for severe storms, from parts of texas to parts of kansas. keep an eye out for damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes possible. minnesota, 43 in international falls. we're going to stay below average through the afternoon. >> gretchen: that's why they call it the icebox of the nation. that's warm for them. thanks. >> thank you. >> brian: 21 minutes before the top of the hour. the obama administration giving congress special treatment when it comes to obamacare. but one congresswoman, shelly moore caputo says not so fast. lawmakers should be treated like everyday americans and joins us next. >> peter: plus, take a walk on the wild side with us. the host of "america the wild" here with a gator, a fox and a bear. >> brian: the bear is in the studio. >> gretchen: is brian going to stay for that segment. >> peter: it's going to be next to you, brian.
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> brian: quick headlines. talk about waste, the treasury is literally throwing away $100 bills because of a defect in the redesign. the error reportedly costing taxpayers 4 million bucks to fix the money. another 12 grand to destroy the bills. the new look was supposed to go into circulation two years ago. frightening moments for miss usa erin brady. being harassed by a stalker outside her manhattan apartment and paneling about want to go touch her crown. he says he's been tracking her since birth. gretch?
5:44 am
>> gretchen: just because the obama administration is letting congress off the hook on certain provisions of obamacare, doesn't mean all lawmakers want the special treatment. our next guest says she wants to make sure members of congress are treated like all americans. joining me now is west virginia congresswoman shelly moore caputo. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: let's bring our viewers up to speed on where this stands right now. you were going to be treated like all americans with obamacare, but then the president reportedly injected himself into the discussion at the request of some members of congress who said hey, we really would like to keep some of these subsidies for ourselves and our employees and you said what to that? >> i said no. members of congress should be treated like every other american who is being forced to go to the exchanges under obamacare. we have a lot of people, 7 million people, losing employer-sponsored health care, are going to the exchanges. members of congress, we're going to be in the exchanges, which we are, we should be treated as
5:45 am
everyone else, that's fair. and we should be held accountable. i want to make it clear, i oppose obamacare and have voted repeatedly to repeal it. >> gretchen: so what you want to do is introduce a bill -- it will be called no obamacare subsidies for congress after 2013. how successful do you think that's going to be? my supposition would be it will has the house, but maybe not so much the senate. what do you think? >> well, we're having town hall meetings all over our states right now. and i am hearing from people who are outraged that congress would be put in a special category. they see it as an issue of fairness as i do, too. i think our members, once we come home and come back to dc in september, we will join together i think to eliminate any subsidies to congress. it's not fair and we need to be held accountable for this and our constituents are making sure we will be over the break. >> gretchen: one of the arguments some members of congress used as to why they need the subsidies for themselves and the staff is something called brain drain. they say that look, we're going
5:46 am
to lose all these great workers that we've had on capitol hill if they don't continue to give them the subsidies. i'm talking about people who have asked for this exemption who were in favor of obamacare. congressman martin heinrich, tom udall, congresswoman michelle kristen, congressman ben ray and so on. you can see them on your screen there. what message would you say to them as far as some americans looking at this as a double standard? >> well, i would say to them that regular americans, nonmembers of congress who are forced to go to the exchanges because their employers are dropping the insurance are not eligible for subsidies. members of congress should not be eligible for subsidies. it's about fairness. it's about accountability for those lawmakers, many of whom who you mentioned who passed obamacare. i believe that we shouldn't be put in a special category and i believe that if this moves forward, that the subsidies should be eliminated.
5:47 am
>> gretchen: i have a feeling that there are a lot of average americans out there who like what you're saying because they do feel the politicians sometimes get special perks. so it will be interesting to see what happens with your proposed bill. keep us posted, will you please, congresswoman? >> i will do that. thank you very much. >> gretchen: mo problem. have a great weekend. things are about to get pretty wild right here in the "fox & friends" studio. the host of "wild" here with a fox and a bear for brian. let's check in with bill hemmer. you want to come and meet the bear, don't you? >> it looks like a morning nap. how about that, if you don't like the rules, you change the rules, right? that's what the law is doing, huh? >> gretchen: i've seen you do some interviews on that. >> unbelievable. good morning to you. how is that national debt working out for you, folks? what if the real number is 70 trillion? new evidence that obamacare is going to be a big adjustment for millions of americans. why would lois lerner use her
5:48 am
personal e-mail when doing irs business? we're about to find out. new information on fast and furious where some of the weapons involved were just located. martha and i will see you top of the hour, 12 minutes away what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching. at chico's we're famous for our so slimming jeans. ♪ now, meet our instantly slimming, secretly shaping dresses, skirts and pants. ♪ they slim, smooth, and shamelessly flatter, exactly where it matters. the so slimming collection. so fabulous. only at chico's and
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5:51 am
>> gretchen: he's had close encounters with all sorts of critters. >> something like 20 million bats leave the cave. this is the most mammals -- biggest congregation of mammals. one in a million. >> gretchen: casey anderson back for a 4th season of "america the wild" where we meet the wildlife in our own backyard. >> peter: this morning he's here
5:52 am
with a few of his friends. good morning. >> good morning. you heard of fox in the hen house? i have a fox in the fox house. >> gretchen: good one. tell us about the fox. >> what's so cool when i'm out there tracking these big predators like mountain lions, often i'll come across the little guys. this gray fox, native to the desert southwest, i'd find a mountain lion kill, as soon as that mountain lion would slip away, these guys would slip in. mountain lion come back, he would take off. super shy, super elusive. you can see she's snuggling in. she's been raised her entire life by people. she's comfortable around me. she's really comfortable. my arms are hurting right now. >> gretchen: i hope they're holding her tight. >> there is a fine line. she's comfortable. she's check everything out. got other animal friends there. >> brian: you believe like all these animals, you're exploring
5:53 am
america. these are wild in america. yellowstone park especially. >> america the wild, the series is about north american wildlife. we've got great wildlife all over north america, from the arctic to central america. i cover it all. >> brian: you got the gray fox in your hand. we also understand you could also have an alligator in your hand. >> let's make that happen. >> brian: here we go. >> gretchen: here is the crate. >> here is the handoff, going a mammal to a reptile. when it comes to american predators, this might be one of the most common in the south. we have millions of these alligators. this dude right here is actually three years old, but can get to be 16 feet long and can eat things as big as deer. >> peter: how long has he been in captivity? >> he was born and raised in captivity. if he wasn't, i wouldn't be hanging on to him right now. even at three years, even at this size, you stick your finger near that face --
5:54 am
>> peter: gone. >> see you later. >> gretchen: brian wrestled an alligator once. >> brian: right. i had to save a community. [ laughter ] >> these guys are cool. i got to go out in the middle of the night in an inflatable kayak, which i don't recommend for these guys. these guys can be cool if you give them space. >> brian: i've always said this, alligators are scary, but i also fear the bear. you never know where they're going to come. they seem intelligent and strong. you brought a bear. >> we got a bear here for sure. here we go. american black bear. this gal's name is adrien. >> brian: you just caught him wildly. >> you can see adrien looks like she's having a bad hair day. >> gretchen: yeah. >> unlike me, she -- >> brian: brian, brian. >> she's smelling me here. she's shedding. she's in her summer coat and her summer coat -- winter coat is starting to go away. therefore, she's got this
5:55 am
dreadlock look. >> peter: with a is she doing right now? >> she's seven times stronger scent than a blood hound. we've got black bears like this in the state of new york. all over the northeast. what happens is people, they leave their garbage out and this bear can smell it from a very long, long ways away. >> brian: what do you have in your hand? >> candy. she's more interested in the cologne, who has walked on this carpet. >> brian: peter johnson is wearing aramis. [ laughter ] >> she is smelling everything here. >> gretchen: what would happen if you let go of that leash? >> she's just curious. bears get a bad rap. >> brian: do they want to live with us? >> they want to live with you, brian. >> they want to live where the food is. what happens is with the development, a lot of natural food sources are going away. so therefore, they're like what's the next best thing? there is a garbage can with a
5:56 am
cheeseburger, i'm going to eat that. that's what's happening. >> peter: will the bear stick around? >> take that like that. she'll take it out of your hand. >> gretchen: oh, no, oh, no. >> there you go. >> brian: no problem. all i need is a black hat. >> gretchen: we're going to be right back with the bear and casey anderson. >> brian: let's hope we don't run out of food [ female announcer ] made just a little sweeter... because all these whole grains aren't healthy unless you actually eat them ♪ multigrain cheerios. also available in delicious peanut butter. healthy never tasted so sweet. golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
>> gretchen: america the wild premieres this sunday, august 18 at 10:00 p.m. eastern on natgoe wild with casey anderson. >> brian: he's the star and so are the animals. it's incredible.
6:00 am
you have enough animals to keep you busy all season? >> there is animals everywhere. north america, top to bottom. >> peter: can aidry yep give us a big wave. >> brian: she'll be back tomorrow. >> gretchen: see you then. bill: you know what that is, martha? martha: what? bill: that's a bear market, folks. claim by an economist who says the national debt which stands just shy of 17 trillion isn't even close to what the government and you the taxpayer really owe. oh joy. martha: fantastic. bill: i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: and i'm fine. i'm martha maccallum. good morning, everybody. the gentleman who came with this is james hamilton. he is a economics professor at university of california at san diego. and he claims that the true national debt is more like 70 trillion dollars. and that the government has been low balling us for years according